New York City People's Life Fund

339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

1998 Annual Report

On November 22, New York City People's Life Fund held its 1998 Annual Meeting in the workroom of the War Resisters League. Following below is the text of our update to membership:

We Bring You Up to Date

1997-1998 was another banner year for the New York City People's Life Fund (NYC PLF). We are grateful to those of you who made ongoing contributions of $100 or more as loans for at least a year. You have made it possible to grant $9,050 (actually $10,050, but one grant was held up for additional information). In the last two years the Fund has pumped almost $20,000 into life-giving, productive community ventures. In some instances, the Life Fund has contributed to startup projects, which is what the Board projects as its most vital role in the future. The Board decided that support of these small grass roots projects should be priorities rather than ongoing support for established groups. Below are listed other precedent-setting events:

Internet Site—We think our new site is both engaging and informative. A major emphasis is the Fund's determination to play a role in promoting coalition in New York City in an effort to turn the political spectrum to the left. Please visit our site ( Give us your comments, or tell us about any additions you'd like to see, either by mail at the address above or send us an email.


Community Representation on People's Life Fund Board—;We are pleased to report that Christina Datz-Romero of Outstanding Renewal, Inc., which is engaged in an ongoing effort to add productive employment to renewal and recycling, is a new PLF Board Member. This is a first for the Life Fund. We now have four Board members drawn from the ranks of WTR and one member from the community.

If you are interested in participating in the work of the Life Fund, we will be happy to contact you. To familiarize yourself with our activities, it's necessary to attend meetings in which we discuss grant applications. Interested? Please contact us for further information.

A Banner Year for PLF Grantees

This past year is an inspiring example of constructive use of redirected funds. More than ever before, the organizations awarded grants address critical and largely neglected needs. It is gratifying to know that funds contributed to NYC PLF have been able to help such fundamental community efforts as those challenging the established practice of police brutality or those addressing the critical counseling needs of people suffering domestic violence. It buoys our spirits for possible future work!

In the Works

Site Presentations—This report comes off the press as we are preparing for our first site presentation to be given before members of Outstanding Renewal, Inc., which, as mentioned above, we have recently funded. In addition to familiarizing attendees with the work of PLF and New York City War Tax Resistance, we intend to begin the long process of developing ties with grantee groups. Besides being a community resource, the Life Fund is determined to play a role in city coalition-building. Only through such efforts can alternative groups have an appreciable effect in improving the local political climate.

Survival Booklet—The Survival Booklet for Low Income New Yorkers is still pending. Chapter headings include: health, leisure, free education, consumer information, housing (homesteading and communes) and jobs. We think that such a booklet could be a vital resource for New Yorkers.

Newsletter—Although the last newsletter came out in 1995, we are determined to publish another issue in the spring and try to publish more regularly in the future.